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How to view a telegram channel

Telegram program is one of the most popular and unique messaging programs. Now, in this article, we will teach you how to view the channel on Telegram.

what is channel telegram

As you know, There are a number of differences between the Telegram channel and the Telegram group. For example, you can only have up to 200,000 members in a Telegram group. But you can have an unlimited number of members in the Telegram channel.

In the Telegram group, group members can chat with each other and post, but only the group admin can post in the Telegram channel.

How to find a telegram channel

We can find a telegram channel with 2 ways

⦁ You can click on the search icon on the top right
⦁ Now you type the name of your channel there
⦁ After typing, in this section, all your conversations and all public channels will be found for you and you can find your favorite channel there.
⦁ Now you can click on your channel and join it if you want

How to view a telegram channel

⦁ The second method
⦁ Type in your browser and enter it
⦁ Now, according to photo number one, you can type the channel or anything else you like.
⦁ According to photo number two, you can see two lists of channels that you have searched.
⦁ Now, in this section, you can click on the name of your channel and then click on view channel to view the desired channel.

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