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How to view archived messages on telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging programs among Telegram users, and the Telegram program has several features, one of which is the ability to archive messages or channels. Telegram 5.6 update offers you the ability to archive or retrieve your chat page or channel. In the next article, we will teach you how to do this a lot.

How to archive messages on telegram

For this purpose, you can easily swap your Telegram chat from right to left. where there is an option as archive, by clicking on it you can archive your chat, group or Telegram channel.

After doing this, a message will appear for a few seconds at the bottom of the Telegram program, which you can remove from the archive by pressing the end button. But if you don’t do this, an archive page will appear as a pin on the top of your Telegram page. which contains all your archived messages.

Learning how to retrieve Telegram messages from the archive

It is very easy to remove messages from the Telegram archive as above. To do this, you enter your archive folder which is at the top of the page and you swap on any message you like from the right to the left and then you see an unachieved option that by clicking on it, the message or your channel will be archived

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