How to watch video in Telegram

Due to the popularity of the Telegram program among everyone and in the virtual space, some video files are not compatible with Telegram formats and it is not possible to play them in the Telegram program.

But here we offer you a simple way that you can easily watch the videos on Telegram.

  • Using the VLC program to watch Telegram video files
  • Open your Telegram app
  • Download the video files you want to watch on your phone
  • Then you open the desired file and see that it cannot be saved in your phone, but the sharing menu of IOS opens.

Then you save your Telegram video file on the save file program and the desired address in this program

Now the file you want is saved in your iPhone’s save file program.

Now you need a compatible video program to play the desired file, which we suggest here is the VLC media video program.

After that, you download the VLC program from the Apple Store
Open the save file program on your phone and find the desired file according to the address where you saved it before and transfer it to the VLC app through the sharing menu of IOS (if you do not find the VLC program in the sharing menu Add the VLC program in the most part)

Then you can watch the file you want there in the VLC app

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