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How to view subscribers on telegram

How to view subscribers in your Telegram channels?

The Telegram program allows you to show the subscribers who have recently been added to your channel or who have left your Telegram channel.

⦁ Now here we explain the removed or added members:

Due to the high volume of Telegram channel members, it is not possible for you to know how many members have joined or left your channel. Or what content has been posted in it or what content has been edited in the channel.

How to view deleted or added members

How to view subscribers on telegram?

At first, you open the Telegram app on your phone. And in this section, he enters his Telegram channel. Click on your channel or profile at the top of your channel.

After entering the channel settings section. Tap on the Manage channels option and then click on Recent Actions. Now, in your section, you can see the latest subscribers or members who have been added to or left your group.

Includes activities:
Such as
All Actions: All activities performed on the channel
New manager: New manager
New members
Content inside the channel
Deleted messages
Edited messages
Leave members
All admins

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