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how to view secret chat in telegram

With the fact that we are living in the 21st century and also with the advancement of technology, it gives you the possibility that, as we said, there is not only one way of communication to establish contact with others.

You can install many apps on your phone and keep in touch with others.

Telegram is one of the best messengers among all apps after Whatsapp
Due to having a series of features compared to WhatsApp, Telegram has caused a large number of people to use the Telegram program more.

The ability to send large files – increase members up to 200,000 people in each group or channel.

What is Telegram private chat?

how to view secret chat in telegram?

As the name of secret chat suggests, it is a secret and encrypted game. Which can’t be saved in Telegram, and you can’t secretly save a photo or take a screenshot from your chat page.

Also, Telegram’s secret chat automatically deletes all your calls and messages and you cannot save them on your phone.

In this way, it does not leave any traces
how to view secret chat in telegram

Secret chat rules:
⦁ use end-to-end encryption
⦁ leave no trace on our servers
⦁ have a self-destruct timer
⦁ do not allow forwarding

Is it true that everything remains secret in secret chat?

The answer to this question is definitely yes.
Because the secret chat has a very high security compared to the normal chat because it is encrypted and no one can misuse it.

And they can’t remove your entire conversation from the secret chat screen and it will also be securely deleted.

All the messages that are exchanged between you and the contact person cannot be deciphered by all the people of the world.

Another important feature of secret chat is that all your chat text is deleted by Telegram and cannot be saved anywhere else.

how to view secret chat in telegram

⦁  How to set up a secret chat in Telegram ?

If you have Telegram app on your iPhone and want to start chatting secretly with any person. Just open that person’s Telegram ID and click on his profile at the top of the page.

Now tap on the more section and select the secret chat icon. This is how easy it is to start your secret chat and you can safely have a secret chat.

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