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How to view history in telegram

What is the history of Telegram?

In Telegram, all conversations or chats with any contact are called Telegram history. These chats include files, photos, voice or video files.

Also, all your photos, documents and video files are saved in your phone’s memory. You can see them by going to the settings of your phone.

But this does not mean that it will not be saved in your Telegram. In the rest of this article, we will teach you about the history of Telegram.

Restore deleted Telegram chat history

This possibility may happen to you when you are a member of a group but for any reason you left that group and all the contents that were in that group were important to you but were deleted. Now we will teach you how to find all Telegram chat history.

One of the less practical ways is to return all your chat history through the other party’s phone, but this is possible if the other party has not deleted your chat page like you.

But if both of you have cleared your chat page and if you want to restore your photos or audio or video files, here we teach you several ways to restore them.
How to view history in telegram
The first method: download Telegram recovery program
As you are aware, due to the high security of the Telegram program, it is very difficult to restore a deleted account in Telegram, but you can restore up to the desired photos or files with a powerful Telegram recovery program on phones whose operating system is Android. This program with high performance can scan through your cache or gallery and restore your contents.

How to work with Telegram recovery program

After downloading the recovery software and also connecting your phone to a PC or laptop, find it from the list of drives and press the scan button to wait a few minutes for the program to do its work. After that, enter the found list and when you find your photos, press the recover button and save them in a desired folder on your PC.

How to view history in telegram

The second method: using the cache folder to recover deleted chats in Telegram
This folder contains all the exchanged files such as photos, documents, stickers and audio and video previews.

Steps to find the folder on the phone: For this, you need to enter the file manager of your phone and find this path


in the phone’s internal memory. Also, due to the presence of different folders inside, it may take several minutes to open it.

Now, when you enter the cache folder, you can see all the photos, stickers and video files that were in your Telegram.

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